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The ECOOP Summer School aims to encourage graduate students and senior undergraduate students to pursue careers in research on topics related to the ECOOP conference. The School brings together leading researchers in programming languages, object-orientation, and teaching from academia and industry to provide technical sessions on important research and mentoring sessions on how to prepare for a research career. The School aims to engage students in a process of imagining how they might contribute to our research community. We especially encourage women and under-represented minority students to attend. The Summer School lectures are restricted to registered students.


Students who register to the summer school will be able to attend the Doctoral Symposium on Sunday, July 18th, a special introductory session to research in the field will be held on Monday 19th, and four Summer School lectures will be spread throughout the week. Each lecture is 90 minutes long and is free to all registered participants. The lectures run concurrently to the ECOOP technical session. (Students will get preferential seating) Each student will be assigned a senior mentor, another student who is already active in research, the mentor will help students navigate the conference.


The ECOOP organizers have secured limited funding to help students attend the event. Please register soon and include a budget that describes how much you would need to be able to come to the summer school. Registration form. We encourage all the students applying to the summer school to register for Student Volunteer positions.

Invited Talks

On Language design:

On Verification:

  • Compiler Verification for a Multi-Language WorldAmal Ahmed

On Methodology:

  • What You Need to Know about Performance EvaluationJan Vitek

On Runtime systems:

  • Engineering a Real-World Garbage CollectorFilip Pizlo