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CC 2021
Tue 2 - Wed 3 March 2021 Online Conference
Wed 3 Mar 2021 12:30 - 12:45 at CC Virtual Room - Natural & Source Language Analysis Chair(s): Zhijia Zhao

This paper presents Deepsy, a Natural Language-based synthesizer to assist source code analysis. It takes English descriptions of to-be-found code patterns as its inputs, and automatically produces ASTMatcher expressions that are directly usable by LLVM/Clang to materialize intended code analysis. The code analysis domain features profuse complexities in data types and operations, which make it elusive for prior rule-based synthesizers to tackle. On the other hand, machine learning-based solutions are neither applicable due to the scarcity of well labeled examples. This paper presents how Deepsy addresses the challenges by leveraging deep Natural Language Processing (NLP) and creating a new technique named dependency tree-based co-evolvement. Deepsy features an effective design that seamlessly integrates Natural Language dependency analysis into code analysis and meanwhile synergizes it with type-based narrowing and domain-specific guidance. Deepsy achieves over 70.0% expression-level accuracy and 85.1% individual API-level accuracy, significantly outperforming previous solutions.

Wed 3 Mar

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12:30 - 13:00
Natural & Source Language AnalysisCC Research Papers at CC Virtual Room
Chair(s): Zhijia Zhao UC Riverside
Deep NLP-Based Co-evolvement for Synthesizing Code Analysis from Natural Language
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Zifan Nan North Carolina State University, Hui Guan University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Xipeng Shen North Carolina State University, Chunhua Liao Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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