CurryOn 2016
Mon 18 - Tue 19 July 2016 Rome, Italy
co-located with ECOOP 2016
Tue 19 Jul 2016 16:00 - 16:40 at Auditorium Loyola - Session 6b

Configuration is one of those features that almost each application solves in a different way. But the problem is always the same: how can we change the behaviour of a system without (hopefully) restarting it, re-building it, or God forbid, changing the code. At the same time, how can we track and "diff” config changes effectively? Files, DBs, key-value stores: there are many ways to store configuration and each one adds some valuable aspect. In this presentation I want to talk about a solution that groups together all the requirements above in a simple and elegant way. In the process we are going to see what aspects of a functional language like Clojure enables real-time, client/server communication and fail-over capabilities.

Renzo Borgatti is a developer currently working at the Mailonline on a large Clojure codebase. I started professionally around 2000 but I’ve got my Commodore C16 sometimes in 1986. I’ve done work/research for different industries, corporate and startups, Europe and USA. I moved between Java, Ruby, Objective-C and finally landed on Clojure.

Tue 19 Jul

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