FLOPS 2022
Tue 10 - Thu 12 May 2022 Online
Wed 11 May 2022 20:30 - 21:30 - Session 5: Invited Talk Chair(s): Shin-Cheng Mu

Program synthesis is the task of automatically constructing a program that implements the given specification. It is intensively studied in this decade, perhaps because of recent progress in constraint solvers and program verifiers. Unfortunately, even state-of-the-art methods tend to fail in generating large programs.

This talk discusses the effectiveness of combining program synthesis with program transformations. One may consider program transformations are merely a subcategory of program synthesis. In reality, they enable us to formally express the outline of the desired program and thereby lead to constructing complicated programs by filling the details by program synthesis. As case studies, we review two methods of automatically parallelizing programs for summarizing values in data structures. One is based on quantifier elimination (Morihata and Matsuzaki, FLOPS 2010 [1]), and the other is a recent proposal based on reverse engineering (Morihata and Sato, PLDI 2021 [2]).

Wed 11 May

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20:30 - 21:30
Session 5: Invited TalkFLOPS 2022
Chair(s): Shin-Cheng Mu Academia Sinica, Taiwan
From Program Synthesis to Program Transformation: Case Study in Reduction Parallelization
FLOPS 2022
I: Akimasa Morihata University of Tokyo