Modularity 2016
Mon 14 - Thu 17 March 2016 Spain

Welcome to the 15th International Conference on Modularity! Modularity’16 is the premier forum for presentation of research results and experience reports on software modularity, with an emphasis on modular structures that cut across traditional abstraction boundaries. Modularity’16 will be hosted by the University of Malaga, Malaga, Spain.

Modularity shapes the quality of information systems, software, and system production processes. Modularity influences system diversity, dependability, performance, evolution, the structure and the dynamics of the organizations that produce systems, human understanding and management of systems, and ultimately system value.

Yet the nature of and possibilities for modularity remain poorly understood, such things as the limits to modularity, the mechanisms needed to achieve it in given forms, and its costs and benefits. Significant advances in modularity are possible and promise to yield breakthroughs in our ability to conceive, design, develop, validate, integrate, deploy, operate, and evolve modern information systems and their underlying software artifacts.

Modularity at the semantic as well as the syntactic level is a key enabler for the expression of high quality software systems. One of the most important techniques for complexity management during the creation of software is abstraction. Novel concepts and abstraction mechanisms are a focus point for improvements in the support for modularity. The scope of this conference covers all perspectives on software systems in all their life-cycle phases, such as the following:

  • domain analysis
  • case studies on modularity or the lack thereof
  • programming language constructs
  • runtime environments and library support
  • formal proofs of system properties
  • program state visualization in debuggers
  • performance improvements in compiler algorithms

The 2016 edition of the Modularity conference (formerly AOSD) sets out to advance our understanding of these issues and the expressive power of new and known techniques.

Modularity 2016 Keynotes