Jamie Gorson

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Name:Jamie Gorson

Hi! I’m Jamie! I just completed my PhD in Computer Science and Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, working with Professor Eleanor O’Rourke. I study student motivations and perceptions of their intelligence while learning how to program, focusing on psychology theories like mindset and self-efficacy. I develop new technologies that help us better understand student experiences and inform the design of technological interventions. I now work at Google in engEDU, doing research to inform their products for CS Education.

Affiliation:Northwestern University
Personal website:http://jamiegorson.com
Research interests:Motivation, persistence and efficacy in educational envrionments


ICER 2022 Author of How Do Students Envision Good Programmers? Investigating Misconceptions about Professional Programmers and their Roots. within the Lightning Talks and Posters-track
Author of Using Electrodermal Activity Measurements to Understand Student Emotions While Programming within the Research Papers-track
ICER 2020 Author of Why do CS1 students think they’re bad at programming? Investigating self-efficacy and self-assessments at three universities within the Research Papers-track