Scala 2016
Sun 30 - Mon 31 October 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
co-located with SPLASH 2016
Martin Odersky

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Name: Martin Odersky

Bio: Martin Odersky is a professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He has been working on programming languages for most of his career. He first studied structured and object-oriented programming as a PhD student of Niklaus Wirth, then fell in love with functional programming while working as a post doc at IBM and Yale. When Java came out, he started to add functional programming constructs to the new platform. This led to Pizza and GJ and eventually to Java 5 with generics. During that time he also developed javac, the current reference compiler for Java.

Over the last 10 years, Martin worked on unifying object-oriented and functional programming in the Scala language. Scala quickly escaped from the research lab and became a popular open source tool and industrial language. He now oversees development of Scala as head of the programming group at EPFL and as academic director of the Scala center.

Country: Switzerland

Affiliation: EPFL, Switzerland

Personal website:

Research interests: Programming Languages, Scala, Objects, Functions


Scala 2016Author of Implementing Higher-Kinded Types in Dotty within the Scala-track
SPLASH 2016Session Chair of Program Synthesis (part of OOPSLA)
Author of Call Graphs for Languages with Parametric Polymorphism within the OOPSLA-track
Keynote Speaker of SPLASH 2016 Keynote: From DOT to Dotty -- Foundations and Types for Objects As Modules within the Keynotes and Awards-track
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