FTfJP 2015
Tue 7 Jul 2015 Prague, Czech Republic
co-located with ECOOP 2015

Registration is open: follow this link for the online form and for a PDF click here.

Some words about what is included in the different registration packages:

  • Banquets: ECOOP and Curry On have each their own banquet. Registration to ECOOP gives access to the ECOOP banquet. To attend the Curry On banquet use the ECOOP Full Regular registration package. To keep student registration fees low, banquet is not included by default. To join the banquet students should register as ECOOP Full Student.
  • The ECOOP Summer School is open to all registered participants free of charge.
  • Workshops are open to all registered participants free of charge.
  • Every ECOOP attendee is allowed to attend the Curry On talks.
  • The Workshop registration package gives access to the workshops only, and neither Curry On or the banquets.
  • Day Passes are limited to one per person and do not give access to Curry On or the banquets.

Student volunteers and NSF supported attendees have free registration.