We have code available for two hotel options 21-23 November (15min walk to the venue). The number of rooms is limited.

Hotel Esplanade (13 min / 1 km from University):

  • 820 SEK / person / night
  • Breakfast is included at Hotel Plaza (3min walk)

Hotel Plaza (15 min / 1.2 km from University):

  • 1145 SEK / person / night

For both hotels, the following apply:

  • The original code has expired but a number of rooms are still available to the same rate.
  • E-mail: info@plazavasteras.se
  • Telephone: +46 21 101010
  • The rooms are pre-booked. Contact the hotel via e-mail or phone and use the booking code: NWPT2023.
  • Other hotels in the area are also available at the going rates.