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BotSE 2021
Fri 4 Jun 2021
co-located with ICSE 2021
Fri 4 Jun 2021 19:00 - 19:15 at BotSE Room - Chatbots Design and Challenges Chair(s): Mairieli Wessel

The popularity of bots is on the rise, with many bots able to interact with users via a chat or voice interface thanks to the embedding of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) component. Still, companies often express concerns about the quality of such bots, as their malfunctioning could have a severe impact on the company revenue or image. Unfortunately, the field of testing NLP-intensive bots is still in its infancy. This paper aims to characterize the testing properties and techniques (and their adaptation) relevant to this type of bots. We believe this will be helpful as a reference framework/classification to compare and evaluate future bot testing research initiatives.

Fri 4 Jun

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18:30 - 19:35
Chatbots Design and ChallengesBotSE 2021 at BotSE Room
Chair(s): Mairieli Wessel University of Sao Paulo
Towards a question answering assistant for software development using a transformer-based language model
BotSE 2021
Liliane Nascimento Vale Federal University of Catalão, Marcelo De Almeida Maia Federal University of Uberlandia
iContractBot: A chatbot for Smart Contracts' Specification and Code Generation
BotSE 2021
Ilham Qasse Reykjavik University, Shailesh Mishra Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Mohammad Hamdaqa Polytechnique Montreal
Testing NLP-intensive bots: challenges and roadmap
BotSE 2021
Jordi Cabot ICREA - UOC, Lola Burgueño Open University of Catalonia, Robert Clarisó Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Gwendal Daniel Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Jorge Perianez Pascual University of Extremadura, Roberto Rodriguez-Echeverria University of Extremadura, Spain
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BotSE 2021

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Fri 4 Jun 2021 18:30 - 19:35 at BotSE Room - Chatbots Design and Challenges Chair(s): Mairieli Wessel
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