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BotSE 2021
Fri 4 Jun 2021
co-located with ICSE 2021

The 43rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2021) will be held virtually through the Clowdr Platform, with which several of you might already be familiar from other conferences. Although Clowdr platform continues growing and improving.

ICSE 2021Clowdr is composed of 3 completely independent instances that you will access as different conferences (we will enable the corresponding links once they are open):

  • Colocated Events: Events between May 17 and May 21, inclusive (includes Co-located Events).
  • Main Conference: Events between May 24 and May 28, inclusive (includes the Main Program).
  • Workshops: Events between May 29 and June 4, inclusive (includes workshops)

Registered attendees will receive an individualized email message from Clowdr with a link to log in to their corresponding instance (or instances). We will start sending those e-mails from May 11. This is the only mechanism by which you get such a link. You can find here information on how to access Clowdr once you receive such an email. Keep in mind that to access your ICSE 2021 Clowdr instance, you must be duly registered to the corresponding events.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with the ICSE 2021 virtual platform and program by onboarding to ICSE 2021 Clowdr as soon as you receive your log-in information.

For a great user experience during ICSE 2021, below we provide some useful tips for mastering the virtual environment easily as attendees and as a presenter (if it is the case).

The following events are not held on Clowdr, but in alternate platforms. To get access please reach the contact point shown below:

  • Doctoral Symposium: svegas at fi.upm.es
  • New Faculty Symposium: chechik at cs.toronto.edu
  • BoKSS: r.verdecchia at vu.nl
  • RoSE: andreas.angerer at xitaso.com
  • SBST: frederer at gvsu.edu
  • SEENG: cecile.peraire at sv.cmu.edu
  • SERP4IoT: rodrigomorales2 at acm.org
  • SER&IP: dusica at simula.no
  • Spanish Industry Case Studies: Live-broadcast on YouTube


The ICSE 2021 program has been divided into a 12-hour uniform daily schedule rather than using time zones. This guarantees a simpler, uniform structure for ICSE 2021 that is easier for conference attendees to understand and transmit the feeling of a real conference. We chose the daily 12-hour slot that maximizes the synchronous participation of the ICSE community in order to promote high interactivity. So, the program will be held from 10:00 to 22:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time), which is Madrid local time.

We also provide mirroring to give attendees who could not attend the live program the chance to replay and watch the entire program during the following daily 12-hour slot. In addition, some networking activities will be played live also during the mirrored program.