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GPCE 2019
Sun 20 - Fri 25 October 2019 Athens, Greece
co-located with SPLASH 2019
Mon 21 Oct 2019 15:00 - 15:20 at Ground floor conference room - Meta Chair(s): Shigeru Chiba

This paper introduces polymorphic extractors, a technique for tackling two main issues with the existing pattern matching implemented in functional languages. First, this technique defines semantical pattern matching rather than a syntactical one. Second, this technique solves the portability issue when defining a set of patterns based on different underlying data-structure design choices. Furthermore, polymorphic extractors can be further improved by performing optimisations and multi-stage programming on them. The key technique behind polymorphic extractors is using the tagless-final technique (a.k.a. polymorphic embedding/object algebra) for defining different views or extractors over expression terms.

Mon 21 Oct

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14:00 - 15:30
MetaGPCE 2019 at Ground floor conference room
Chair(s): Shigeru Chiba Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
A Stage-Polymorphic IR for Compiling MATLAB-Style Dynamic Tensor Expressions
GPCE 2019
Alen Stojanov ETH Zurich, Tiark Rompf Purdue University, Markus Püschel ETH Zürich
Reflection in Attribute Grammars
GPCE 2019
Lucas Kramer University of Minnesota, Ted Kaminski University of Minnesota, Eric Van Wyk University of Minnesota, USA
DOI Pre-print
Polymorphic Extractors for Semantic and Portable Pattern Matching (Short Paper)
GPCE 2019
Amir Shaikhha University of Oxford