ICPC 2023
Mon 15 - Tue 16 May 2023 Melbourne, Australia
co-located with ICSE 2023

Question posts with low-quality titles often discourage potential answerers in Stack Overflow. In previous studies, researchers mainly focused on directly generating question titles by analyzing the contents of the posts. However, the quality of the generated titles is still limited by the information available in the post contents. A more effective way is to provide accurate completion suggestions when developers compose titles. Inspired by this idea, we are the first to study the problem of automatic question title completion for Stack Overflow and then propose a novel approach QTC4SO. Specifically, we first preprocess the gathered post titles to form incomplete titles (i.e., tip information provided by developers) for simulating the scene of this task. Then we construct the multi-modal input by concatenating the incomplete title with the post’s contents (i.e., the problem description and the code snippet). Later, we adopt multi-task learning to the question title completion task for multiple programming languages. Finally, we adopt a pre-trained model T5 to learn the title completion patterns automatically. To evaluate the effectiveness of QTC4SO, we gathered 164,748 high-quality posts from Stack Overflow by covering eight popular programming languages. Our empirical results show that compared with the approaches of directly generating question titles, our proposed approach QTC4SO is more practical in automatic and human evaluation. Therefore, our study provides a new direction for automatic question title generation and we hope more researchers can pay attention to this problem in the future

Mon 15 May

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09:00 - 10:30
Conference Introductions / MIP Talk / Documentation and Stack OverflowDiscussion / Research / Opening / Journal First / MIP Talk at Meeting Room 106
Chair(s): Christoph Treude University of Melbourne, Akhila Sri Manasa Venigalla IIT Tirupati
Day opening
Conference Opening
G: Christoph Treude University of Melbourne, P: Raula Gaikovina Kula Nara Institute of Science and Technology, P: Bonita Sharif University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
MIP Talk on ICPC 2013 Paper titled "Automatic generation of natural language summaries for Java classes"
MIP Talk
Laura Moreno CQSE America, Jairo Aponte Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Giriprasad Sridhara IBM Research Labs, Andrian Marcus University of Texas at Dallas, Lori Pollock University of Delaware, USA, K. Vijay-Shanker
QTC4SO: Automatic Question Title Completion for Stack Overflow
Yanlin Zhou School of Information Science and Technology, Nantong University, ShaoYu Yang School of Information Science and Technology, Nantong University, Xiang Chen Nantong University, Zichen Zhang School of Information Science and Technology, Nantong University, Jiahua Pei School of Information Science and Technology, Nantong University
A Study of Update Request Comments in Stack Overflow Answer Posts
Journal First
Mohammad Sadegh Sheikhaei School of Computing, Queen's University, Yuan Tian Queens University, Kingston, Canada, Shaowei Wang University of Manitoba
Link to publication
Machine Translation-based Fine-grained Comments Generation for Solidity Smart Contracts
Journal First
Chaochen Shi Deakin University, Yong Xiang Deakin University, Jiangshan Yu Monash University, Keshav Sood Deakin University, Longxiang Gao Qilu University of Technology
Discussion 1