CC 2024
Sat 2 - Sun 3 March 2024 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

If-Convert as Early as You Must, Dorit Nuzman, Ayal Zaks, Ziv Ben-Zion

Paguroidea: Fused Parser Generator with Transparent Semantic Actions, Yifan Zhu, Quartic Cat, Boluo Ge, Shaotong Sun

Compiler-based Memory Encryption for Machine Learning on Commodity Low-power Devices, Kiwan Maeng, Brandon Lucia

UNIFICO: Thread Migration in Heterogeneous-ISA CPUs without State Transformation, Nikolaos Mavrogeorgis, Christos Vasiladiotis, Pei Mu, Amir Khordadi, Björn Franke, Antonio Barbalace

YFlows: Systematic Dataflow Exploration and Code Generation for Efficient Neural Network Inference using SIMD Architectures on CPUs, Cyrus Zhou, Zack Hassman, Dhirpal Shah, Vaughn Richard, Yanjing Li

Fast Template-Based Code Generation for MLIR, Florian Drescher, Alexis Engelke

BLQ: Light-Weight Locality-Aware Runtime for Blocking-Less Queuing, Qinzhe Wu, Ruihao Li, Jonathan Beard, Lizy John

Reducing the Overhead of Exact Profiling by Reusing Affine Variables, Leon Frenot, Fernando Magno Quintao Pereira

From low-level fault modeling (of a pipeline attack) to a proven hardening scheme, Sébastien Michelland, Laure Gonnord, Christophe Deleuze

Region-Based Data Layout via Data Reuse Analysis, Caio Salvador Rohwedder, José Nelson Amaral

Fast and Accurate Context-Aware Basic Block Timing Prediction using Transformers, Abderaouf Nassim AMALOU, Elisa Fromont, Isabelle Puaut

Stale Profile Matching, Amir Ayupov, Maksim Panchenko, Sergey Pupyrev

A Context-Sensitive Pointer Analysis Framework for Rust and its Application to Call Graph Construction, Wei Li, Yujiang Gui, Wenguang Chen, Jingling Xue

APPy: Annotated Parallelism for Python on GPUs, Tong Zhou, Jun Shirako, Vivek Sarkar

CoSense: Compiler Optimizations using Sensor Technical Specifications, Pei Mu, Nikolaos Mavrogeorgis, Christos Vasiladiotis, Vasileios Tsoutsouras, Orestis Kaparounakis, Phillip Stanley-Marbell, Antonio Barbalace

FlowProf: Profiling Multi-threaded Programs using Information-Flow, Ahamed Al Nahian, Brian Demsky

Accurate coverage metrics for compiler-generated debugging information, J. Ryan Stinnett, Stephen Kell

Clog: A Declarative Language for C Static Code Checkers, Alexandru Dura, Christoph Reichenbach

The Next 700 ML-Enabled Compiler Optimizations, S. VenkataKeerthy, Siddharth Jain, Umesh Kalvakuntla, Pranav Sai Gorantla, Rajiv Shailesh Chitale, Eugene Brevdo, Albert Cohen, Mircea Trofin, Ramakrishna Upadrasta

A Unified Memory Dependency Framework for Speculative High-Level Synthesis, Jean-Michel Gorius, Simon Rokicki, Steven Derrien

Exponentially Expanding the Phase-Ordering Search Space via Dormant Information, Ruobing Han, Hyesoon Kim