Alastair Reid

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Name:Alastair Reid

Researcher at Intel 2021-present

  • Formal ISA specifications
  • Model checking processor pipelines

Researcher at Google 2019-2021

  • Rust verification tools

Researcher at Arm Ltd (UK) 2004-2019

  • Formal ISA specifications (newest)
  • Model checking processor pipelines
  • Wide SIMD instruction set
  • Pipeline parallelism
  • Software defined radio
  • Vectorising compilers (oldest)

Researcher at University of Utah (USA), 1998-2004

  • Component based / Library operating systems

Researcher at Yale University (USA), 1994-1998

  • Haskell foreign function interface
  • Functional Reactive Programming
  • Visual Tracking in Haskell
  • Haskell library/compiler development
  • Haskell committee

Researcher at University of Glasgow (UK), 1988-1994

  • Formal specification and verification
  • GHC foreign function interface


  • Ph.D. Glasgow University, “Defining interfaces between hardware and software: Quality and performance”
  • M.Sc. Glasgow University, “A precise semantics for Ultraloose Specifications”
  • B.Sc. University of Strathclyde.
Country:United Kingdom
Affiliation:Intel/Intel Labs
Research interests:formal verification, security, functional languages, computer architecture