Alexander B. Wiltschko

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Name:Alexander B. Wiltschko

Alex Wiltschko is a senior research scientist at Google Brain. He obtained his PhD in neurobiology from Harvard Medical School, where he built new methods for understanding and parsing behavior and body language. He then co-founded Whetlab, an ML-as-a-service company, which was acquired by Twitter in 2015. At Google Brain, Alex works on new tools for machine learning, as well as applying ML to problems in biology and chemistry.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Google Brain
Research interests:Machine Learning, Biology, Chemistry


GPCE 2018 Invited Speaker of TensorFlow AutoGraph: Imperative-Style Coding with Graph-based Performance within the GPCE 2018-track
DSLDI 2017 Author of Tangent: automatic differentiation using source code transformation in Python within the DSLDI 2017-track