Chris Heunen

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Name: Chris Heunen

Bio: I work in quantum informatics, more precisely on the mathematical foundations of physics, especially quantum mechanics, and its logical aspects. My weapons of choice are category theory, functional analysis, and order theory; specifically, monoidal categories, operator algebras, and orthomodular lattices. I suppose you could say that my ultimate goal is to really understand the category of Hilbert spaces, in particular categorical aspects of a choice of basis.

Country: United Kingdom

Affiliation: University of Edinburgh

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PLanQC 2020Author of Automated distribution of quantum circuits via hypergraph partitioning within the PLanQC-track
FOSSACS 2019Committee Member in Program Committee within the FOSSACS 2019-track
PPS 2018Author of The semantic structure of quasi-Borel spaces: algebra, logic, and recursion within the PPS 2018-track
POPL 2018Author of Denotational validation of higher-order Bayesian inference within the Research Papers-track
PPS 2016Author of Semantics of Higher-order Probabilistic Programs within the PPS 2016-track