Alastair Reid

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Name:Alastair Reid

Researcher at Arm Ltd (UK) since 2004

  • model checking processor pipelines (newest)
  • formal architecture specifications
  • wide SIMD instruction set
  • pipeline parallelism
  • software defined radio
  • vectorising compilers (oldest)

Researcher at University of Utah (USA), 1998-2004

  • component based operating system kernels

Researcher at Yale University (USA), 1994-1998

  • Haskell foreign function interface
  • Functional Reactive Programming
  • Visual Tracking in Haskell
  • Haskell library/compiler development

Researcher at University of Glasgow (UK), 1988-1994

  • Formal Specification and Verification
  • GHC foreign function interface
Country:United Kingdom
Affiliation:Arm Ltd
Research interests:Formal Verification, ISAs, processor semantics, microarchitecture, vector architecture, parallelising compilers, software defined radio, functional programming


HATRA 2020 Author of Towards making formal methods normal: meeting developers where they are within the HATRA-track
POPL 2019 Author of ISA Semantics for ARMv8-A, RISC-V, and CHERI-MIPS within the Research Papers-track
PLDI 2018 Committee Member in External Review Committee
LCTES 2016 Session Chair of Session 1: Dynamic Translation and Iterative Compilation (part of LCTES)
SPLASH 2017 Author of Who Guards the Guards? Formal Validation of the ARM v8-M Architecture Specification within the OOPSLA-track