Alejandro Serrano

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Name:Alejandro Serrano
Affiliation:47 Degrees
Research interests:Functional Programming, Haskell, Type Theory, Programming Languages, Domain-Specific Languages


HIW 2022 Session Chair of Introduction + State of GHC (part of HIW 2022)
Program Chair in Program Committee within the HIW 2022-track
ICFP 2020 Author of A Quick Look at Impredicativity within the ICFP Program-track
Haskell 2020 Author of Describing Microservices using Modern Haskell (Experience Report) within the Haskell 2020-track
Haskell 2019 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Haskell 2019-track
PADL 2019 Author of Classes of Arbitrary Kind within the PADL 2019-track
PLNL 2018 Author of Improving pattern matching style within the PLNL-track
ICFP 2018 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the Research Artifacts-track
Haskell 2018 Author of Generic Programming of All Kinds within the Haskell 2018-track
TyDe 2018 Author of Sums of Products for Mutually Recursive Datatypes: The Appropriationist’s View on Generic Programming within the TyDe 2018-track
PLDI 2018 Author of Guarded Impredicative Polymorphism within the PLDI Research Papers-track
HIW 2017 Committee Member in Program Committee within the HIW 2017-track
PEPM 2017 Author of Lightweight Soundness for Towers of Language Extensions within the PEPM 2017-track
POPL 2016 Author of Proving Correctness of Specialized Type Rules within the SRC-track
PADL Author of Generic Matching of Tree Regular Expressions over Haskell Data Types within the PADL-track