Antonio Martini

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Name:Antonio Martini

Antonio is Associate Professor at the University of Oslo. His experience covers Software Engineering and Management in several contexts: large, embedded software companies, small, web companies, business to business companies, startups. His expertise ranges from technical programming to software architecture and software quality, to Agile ways of working.

Antonio has worked with several companies, such as Ericsson, Volvo, Jeppesen, Siemens etc. He has worked as Principal Strategic Researcher at CA Technologies for a co-financed project by the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant of the European Union and have also started his own company running projects such as with Ericsson and Volvo Group IT to manage and visualize Technical Debt. Antonio is developing a process and a tool (AnaConDebt) to manage and visualize Technical Debt in large companies. The tool is being evaluated and employed in practice.

The current focus of Antonio’s research is on Technical Debt, Architecture, Technical Leadership and Agile software development. Antonio is active in the TechDebt community and is part of the organization for such event. Antonio is interested in any kind of Technical Debt, to keep the good ones and to get rid of the bad ones. It’s a techno-economical decision to make, and Antonio is committed to study technical and non-technical aspects to improve the current practices.

Antonio is also interested in Large-scale Agile Software Development and on how teams follow technical leadership to provide a sound architecture to the overall product.

Affiliation:University of Oslo, Norway
Research interests:Technical Debt, Agile Software Development, Software Metrics, Communication


ECSA 2021 Author of Identifying architectural technical debt, principal, and interest in microservices: A multiple-case study within the Journal First-track
TechDebt 2021 Chair of Working session, awards and closing within the Technical Papers-track
General Chair in Organizing Committee
Session Chair of Keynote (part of Technical Papers)
Author of Conference Opening within the Technical Papers-track
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Session Chair of Working session, awards and closing (part of Technical Papers)
ECSA 2020 Session Chair of S9: Visualization (part of Paper Presentations)
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
TechDebt 2020 Author of Carrot and Stick approaches when managing Technical Debt within the TechDebt 2020-track
Panelist of Panel: Celebrating a decade of technical debt research, now what's next? within the TechDebt 2020-track
ICSE 2021 Session Chair of Bookable Event (part of Social and Networking)
TechDebt 2019 Publicity Chair in Organizing Committee within the TechDebt 2019-track
Session Chair of Discussion (part of TechDebt 2019)
Author of Identifying Scalability Debt in Open Systems within the TechDebt 2019-track
Author of Architectural Technical Debt in Microservices: A Case Study in a Large Company within the TechDebt 2019-track
Author of Technical Debt Triage in Backlog Management within the TechDebt 2019-track
Session Chair of Technical Debt in Source Code and Code Quality (part of TechDebt 2019)
ICSE 2019 Author of Big Bangs and Small Pops: On Critical Cyclomatic Complexity and Developer Integration Behavior within the Software Engineering in Practice-track
TechDebt 2018 Author of Technical Debt Cripples Software Developer Productivity: A Longitudinal Study on Developers' Daily Software Development Work within the TechDebt 2018-track
Session Chair of Managing the Debt II (part of TechDebt 2018)
Author of AnaConDebt: A Tool to Assess and Track Technical Debt within the TechDebt 2018-track
Local Arrangements Chair in Organizing Committee within the TechDebt 2018-track