Armin Catovic

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Name:Armin Catovic

I graduated in Computer Science/Telecom Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, and joined Ericsson at the end of 2007. It turned out to be an incredible adventure - I worked on projects in Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore, USA, and Sweden. I moved to Sweden permanently in 2011 and joined Ericsson’s 4G R&D group. I worked in testing, development, and systemization. If you own a smartphone, then you’re probably using something I developed. From 2017 until 2021 I worked with data science and machine learning at Ericsson. My highlights during that time include building a complete log classification pipeline, and a traffic flow estimation system (the model estimates traffic flow on the roads using radio wave scattering properties in LTE base stations). I also helped setup several data science academies/courses at Ericsson. My data science “style” is to put emphasis on feature selection, particularly using scientifically and empirically backed assumptions and domain knowledge. I am a big fan of Bayesian approaches. Currently I work as a senior data scientist at Schibsted Media Group. My role involves applying data science and modelling for understanding news content, and in our contextual advertising product.

Outside work I’m a husband and a father (Alex - 8 yrs old, Elsa - 4 yrs old). In pre-covid times my hobbies involved playing sports and travelling. I also love reading books with my kids, and right now I’m teaching them about a Gaussian distribution!

Research interests:Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering