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Name:Austin Cory Bart

My name is Austin Cory Bart, and I’m an Associate Professor at the University of Delaware. I received my PhD in Computer Science with a Learning Sciences certification from Virginia Tech.

Here are some of my projects:

  • BlockPy: A Dual Block/Text Python Coding Environment
  • Pedal: A Python Feedback Toolset
  • Bakery: An open-source, teacher-friendly Python curriculum for CS1, batteries included. Formerly PythonSneks.
  • Designer: A user-friendly Python game dev library that teaches best practices
  • Drafter: A user-friendly Python web server library that teaches best practices
  • React TypeScript Tome: A textbook on how to websites in React and TypeScript, with interactive runnable code examples.
  • Runtime Case Builder: An interactive tool for visualizing how long Python programs take to execute, in steps.
  • Let’s Learn Algorithms with AlgoTutorBot: An entire course as an educational escape room!
  • CORGIS project: A collection of Really Great and Interesting Datasets
  • CT@VT: An introductory Computational Thinking curriculum for non-STEM majors with Data Science.
  • Curriculum Materials Packaging: A CSSPLICE-funded working group to standardize curriculum material packaging.
Country:United States
Affiliation:University of Delaware, USA
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Research interests:Computer Science Education, Program Analysis, Learning Science


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