Bert Freudenberg

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Name:Bert Freudenberg

I’m a freelancing software engineer working in Alan Kay’s group since 2006. My work ranges from virtual machine technology to end-user authoring systems. Being a long-time Smalltalk developer I dig dynamic languages and live programming environments.

Previously I worked at impara, building a 3D authoring system for children in Squeak. In my PhD research before that I created a real-time non-photorealistic 3D renderer (featured in the OpenGL Shading Language book).

Research interests:End-User Authoring, Live Programming, Dynamic Languages, Virtual Machines, 3D Graphics, Non-Photorealistic Rendering


LIVE 2017 Author of Shadama: A Particle Simulation Programming Environment for Everyone within the LIVE 2017-track
PX/17.2 Author of Kanto: A multi-participant screen-sharing system for Etoys, Snap! and GP within the PX/17.2-track
PX 2016 Author of Towards Making a Computer Tutor for Children of All Ages - A Memo. within the PX-track
DLS Presenter of SqueakJS - A Modern and Practical Smalltalk That Runs in Any Browser within the DLS-track
Onward! 2013 Author of KScript and KSWorld: A Time-Aware and Mostly Declarative Language and Interactive GUI Framework within the Research Papers-track