Calin Cascaval

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Name:Calin Cascaval

Experienced technical executive with strategic vision and proven team building, research and product delivery of computer systems. I have identified industry trends, defined, built, and delivered first of a kind prototypes and products, including: the first P4 production compiler and networking stack (at Barefoot Networks), the first mobile heterogeneous computing runtime and parallel browser (at Qualcomm Research), the first UPC compiler to scale to hundreds of thousands of processors, and system software for the Blue Gene family of supercomputers (at IBM Research). Hands on development and technical leadership, with over 50 peer-reviewed publications and 37 awarded patents. Senior member of the ACM and IEEE Fellow.

Country:New Zealand
Affiliation:Google Research
Research interests:Concurrency: Programming Languages, Compilers, Runtime systems; Hardware-Software co-design; Heterogeneous systems; Domain specific systems