Carmelo R. Cartiere

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Name:Carmelo R. Cartiere

Software engineer, postgraduate of the University of Oxford with a dissertation on Quantum Software Engineering, member of the British Computer Society.

In charge, with NEXTSENSE (SRL), of the division of quantitative physics and systems engineering, he leads the research and development of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and O-LED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) based photonics devices in the application of NUV-VIS radiations on pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Nominee of the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize, awarded every two years from the Technology Academy Finland for innovations that shall help to solve the great challenges of humanity while also being environmentally sustainable.

His research interests are in the theory and application of formal methods to quantum computing, to provide a boost to the field of quantum software development and to ensure the production of high-quality quantum software in a controlled manner.

Preferred quote: “The most complex engineering artifacts in existence are now software systems. Software engineering combines scientific and engineering principles with sound practice.” (unknown)

Affiliation:NEXTSENSE (SRL)
Research interests:Quantum Software Engineering, Photonic Inactivation of Pathogens


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