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Cliff Click was the CTO of Neurensic, and CTO and Co-Founder of (formerly 0xdata), a firm dedicated to creating a new way to think about web-scale data storage and real-time analytics. I wrote my first compiler when I was 15 (Pascal to TRS Z-80!), although my most famous compiler is the HotSpot Server Compiler (the Sea of Nodes IR). I helped Azul Systems build an 864 core pure-Java mainframe that keeps GC pauses on 500Gb heaps to under 10ms, and worked on all aspects of that JVM. Before that I worked on HotSpot at Sun Microsystems, and am at least partially responsible for bringing Java into the mainstream.

Previously I was with Motorola where I helped deliver industry leading SpecInt2000 scores on PowerPC chips, and before that I researched compiler technology at HP Labs. I am invited to speak regularly at industry and academic conferences including JavaOne, JVM, ECOOP and VEE; I’ve served on the Program Committee of many conferences (including PLDI and OOPSLA); and have published many papers about HotSpot technology. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from Rice University and about 20 patents.

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Research interests:Virtual machines, compilers, data analytics


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