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Name:Colin Clark

Colin is the Associate Director of OCAD University’s Inclusive Design Research Centre, where he has worked as a design researcher for over 20 years. He is co-founder of the Fluid Project, an open source community dedicated to creating new co-design practices, democratic software frameworks, and authoring tools. Colin’s research interests include: community-based, participatory design methods; creative and artistic inclusion; sonification and multimodality; and new programming systems that support design and development by “users.”

As an artist, Colin’s practice explores connections and adjacencies between nature, digital technology, and duration. His videos are often made using homemade signal processing algorithms, which he shares with others as open source software. He is the creator of Flocking, a web-based sound synthesis and data sonification framework, and Aconite, a web video sequencing and compositing toolkit. His software tools are used by an international community of musicians, artists, and researchers.

Affiliation:OCAD University
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Research interests:Inclusive Design, accessibility, computational art, creativity, computer music


Salon Littéraire 2021 Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the Salon Littéraire 2021-track
Convivial Computing Salon 2020 Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the Salon 2020-track
SPLASH 2019 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Onward! Essays-track
SPLASH 2011 Author of To Inclusive Design Through Contextually Extended IoC: Infusion IoC, a JavaScript library and mentality for delivering accessible and maintainable systems within the Wavefront-track