Cosmin Oancea

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Name:Cosmin Oancea
Affiliation:University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Research interests:programming languages design and implementation, optimizing compilers


PPoPP 2023 PC Member in Program Committee within the Main Conference-track
ARRAY 2021 Author of Acceleration of Lattice Models for Pricing Portfolios of Fixed-Income Derivatives within the ARRAY 2021-track
PPoPP 2021 Committee Member in External Review Committee
FHPNC 2019 Author of Functional Approach to Acceleration of Monte Carlo Simulation for American Option Pricing (extended abstract) within the FHPNC-track
Author of Compiling Generalised Histograms for GPU (extended abstract) within the FHPNC-track
PPoPP 2019 Session Chair of Session 5, Performance (part of Main Conference)
ERC member in Extended Review Committee
Author of Incremental Flattening for Nested Data Parallelism within the Main Conference-track
FHPC 2018 Author of Modular Acceleration: Tricky Cases of Functional High-Performance Computing within the FHPC 2018-track
ICFP 2018 Author of Static Interpretation of Higher-Order Modules in Futhark: Functional GPU Programming in the Large within the Research Papers-track
Committee Member in External Review Committee within the Research Papers-track
FHPC 2017 Session Chair of Demo Session (part of FHPC 2017)
Session Chair of Tools (part of FHPC 2017)
Co-chair of Welcome to FHPC'17 within the FHPC 2017-track
Co-chair in Program Committee within the FHPC 2017-track
PPoPP 2017 Programme Committee in Program Committee
FHPC 2016 Author of APL on GPUs: A TAIL from the Past, Scribbled in Futhark within the FHPC-track
ARRAY Author of Design and GPGPU Performance of Futhark's Redomap Construct within the ARRAY-track
PLDI 2017 Author of Futhark: Purely Functional GPU-programming with Nested Parallelism and In-place Array Updates within the PLDI Research Papers-track