Daan Leijen

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Name: Daan Leijen

Bio: I am a member of the Research In Software Engineering (RISE) group and chair of the Programming Languages working group (PLX). Currently, I am interested in the design and application of strong type systems and declarative programming languages, like Haskell. In particular, I am interested in programming with Effect inference in the Koka project. Furthermore, I work on domain specific embedded languages, language design, and compiler technology.

Country: United States

Affiliation: Microsoft Research, USA

Personal website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/people/daan/

Research interests: Programming Language Design, Type Systems, Effect Typing


ML 2020Committee Member in Program Committee within the ML 2020-track
Haskell 2020Author of Effect Handlers in Haskell, Evidently within the Haskell 2020-track
HOPE 2020Committee Member in Program Committee within the HOPE 2020-track
ICFP 2020Author of Effect Handlers, Evidently within the ICFP Program-track
DeepSpec 2019Presenter of Typed Programming with Algebraic Effects (in terms of ambient values, functions, and control) within the DeepSpec 2019-track
APLAS 2019Author of Mimalloc: Free List Sharding in Action within the Research Papers-track
HOPE 2018Author of Taming Control Flow through Linear Effect Handlers within the HOPE 2018-track
TyDe 2018Author of First Class Dynamic Effect Handlers: or, Polymorphic Heaps with Dynamic Effect Handlers within the TyDe 2018-track
Session Chair of Applications and Monoids (part of TyDe 2018)
Committee Member in Program Committee within the TyDe 2018-track
ICFP 2019Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
HOPE 2017Author of Programming a Web Server with Algebraic Effects within the HOPE 2017-track
TyDe 2017Author of Structured asynchrony with algebraic effects within the TyDe 2017-track
DLS 2017Author of Semantics of Asynchronous JavaScript within the DLS 2017-track
ML 2016Committee Member in Steering Committee within the ML-track
HOPE 2016Author of Type Directed Compilation of Row-typed Algebraic Effects within the HOPE-track
POPL 2017Author of Type Directed Compilation of Row-Typed Algebraic Effects within the POPL-track
PADLAuthor of From Monads to Effects and Back within the PADL-track
ECOOP 2015Author of Global Sequence Protocol: A Robust Abstraction for Replicated Shared State within the Research Track-track
SPLASH 2011Author of Two for the Price of One: A Model for Parallel and Incremental Computation within the OOPSLA-track