Dominic Orchard

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Name: Dominic Orchard

Bio: Dr Dominic Orchard is a Lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Kent, UK and he is a fellow of the SSI. His research interests are programming language design and semantics, mathematically structured programming, effect and coeffect systems, embedded domain-specific languages (esp. for parallelisation), and applying programming language research to computational science.

Country: United Kingdom

Affiliation: University of Kent, UK

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Research interests: Programming languages, types, semantics, verification


PADL 2021Co-chair in Programme Committee within the PADL 2021-track
Co-chair in Programme Chairs within the PADL 2021-track
HATRA 2020Author of Guiding user annotations for units-of-measure verification within the HATRA-track
TyDe 2020Author of Graded Modal Dependent Type Theory (Extended Abstract) within the TyDe 2020-track
ICFP 2020Committee Member in External Review Committee within the ICFP Program-track
BEAT 2019Session Chair of Session 2 (part of BEAT 2019)
Committee Member in Program Committee within the BEAT 2019-track
PLMW 2019Panelist of Panel: Grad School and Beyond within the PLMW@POPL-track
Panelist in Panelists within the PLMW@POPL-track
PLACES 2019PC Chair in Program Committee within the PLACES-track
PC Chair in Organizing Committee within the PLACES-track
ESOP 2019Author of Composing bidirectional programs monadically within the ESOP 2019-track
POPL 2019Session Chair of Capabilities and Session Types I (part of Research Papers)
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
Author of [T3] Linear and Graded Modal Types for Fine-Grained Program Reasoning within the TutorialFest-track
TyDe 2018Committee Member in Program Committee within the TyDe 2018-track
ICFP 2019Author of Fine-grained program reasoning using linear and graded modal types within the Tutorials-track
Author of Quantitative program reasoning with graded modal types within the Research Papers-track
Salon des Refusés 2017Committee Member in Program Committee within the Salon des Refusés-track
SPLASH 2017Author of Verifying Spatial Properties of Array Computations within the OOPSLA-track
ICFP 2016Author of Combining Effects and Coeffects via Grading within the Research Papers-track
POPL 2016Author of Effects as sessions, sessions as effects within the Research Papers-track
PLE 2015Programme Committee in Programme Committee within the PLE-track
Co-chair in Organizers within the PLE-track
Author of Introduction within the PLE-track