Fabio Niephaus

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Name:Fabio Niephaus
Affiliation:Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam
Personal website:https://fniephaus.com
Research interests:Programming Languages, Virtual Execution Environments, Software Development Tools


CoCoDo 2021 Committee Member in Program Committee within the CoCoDo 2021-track
MoreVMs 2021 Author of Welcome within the MoreVMs’21-track
Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the MoreVMs’21-track
Session Chair of Optimizing Dynamic Languages (part of MoreVMs’21)
ICOOOLPS 2020 Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the ICOOOLPS-track
SLE 2020 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the SLE-track
‹Programming› 2021 Publicity Chair in Organizing Committee
Virtualisation Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
ICW 2020 Author of User-defined Interface Mappings for the GraalVM within the ICW-track
MoreVMs'20 Organizing Committee of Welcome within the MoreVMs'20-track
Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the MoreVMs'20-track
Session Chair of Java HotSpot VM (part of MoreVMs'20)
Organizer of MoreVMs Community Dinner within the MoreVMs'20-track
Author of Toward Presizing and Pretransitioning Strategies for GraalPython within the MoreVMs'20-track
PX/20 Author of Polyglot Code Finder within the PX/20-track
ECOOP 2020 Organizer of Polyglot Programming within the Tutorials-track
Publicity Co-Chair & Virtualization Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
SPLASH 2020 Author of Example-Based Live Programming for Everyone: Building Language-agnostic Tools for Live Programming with LSP and GraalVM within the Onward! Papers-track
‹Programming› 2020 Publicity Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
COP 2019 Author of Implementing Babylonian/S by Putting Examples into Contexts: Tracing Instrumentation for Example-based Live Programming as a Use Case for Context-oriented Programming within the COP 2019-track
ICOOOLPS 2019 Committee Member in Program Committee within the ICOOOLPS 2019-track
Author of Hot Code Patching in CPython - Supporting Edit-and-Continue Debugging in CPython with Less Than 300 Lines of Code within the ICOOOLPS 2019-track
DLS 2019 Author of Language-independent Development Environment Support For Dynamic Runtimes within the DLS 2019-track
MPLR 2019 Author of GraalSqueak: Toward a Smalltalk-based Tooling Platform for Polyglot Programming within the MPLR 2019-track
ICW 2019 Author of Towards Polyglot Adapters for the GraalVM within the ICW 2019-track
PX/19 Author of PolyJuS: A Squeak/Smalltalk-based Polyglot Notebook System for the GraalVM within the PX/19-track
Salon des Refusés 2019 Author of Let Them Fail: Towards VM built-in behaviour that falls back to the program within the Salon des Refusés 2019-track
MoreVMs'19 Committee Member in Program Committee within the MoreVMs'19-track
Author of Efficient Implementation of Smalltalk Activation Records in Language Implementation Frameworks within the MoreVMs'19-track
‹Programming› 2019 Publicity Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
ICOOOLPS 2018 Author of GraalSqueak: A Fast Smalltalk Bytecode Interpreter Written in an AST Interpreter Framework within the ICOOOLPS-track
SPLASH 2018 Publications Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
‹Programming› 2018 Author of Live Multi-language Development and Runtime Environments within the Research Papers-track
Publicity Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
MoreVMs 2017 Author of When a Mouse Eats a Python: Smalltalk-style Development for Python and Ruby within the MoreVMs 2017-track
PX 2017 Author of Squeak Makes a Good Python Debugger within the PX-track
ECOOP and ISSTA 2018 Author of Polyglot Programming - Opportunities of Language Implementation Frameworks for Software Developers within the Posters-track
Modularity 2016 Author of Matriona: Class Nesting with Parameterization in Squeak/Smalltalk within the Modularity Visions-track
ICOOOLPS 2015 Author of Short Paper: Call-target-specific Method Arguments within the ICOOOLPS-track