Facundo Domínguez

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Name:Facundo Domínguez

Facundo is a software engineer supporting development and research projects at Tweag. Prior to joining Tweag, he worked in academia and in industry, on a varied assortment of domains, with an overarching interest in programming languages.

Currently, Facundo is leading the collaboration of Tweag with the authors of Liquid Haskell to integrate SMT solvers into the day-to-day practices of the software industry. He is also the maintainer of inline-java and sparkle, and has made multiple contributions to GHC, rules_haskell, and the Haskell libraries. His everyday activities include elaborating project proposals, development, software verification, and mentoring.

He received a MSc in Computer Science at Universidad de la República in Montevideo, researching program transformation techniques. Since then he worked in software projects for education, entertainment, finance, scientific computation, and government.

Research interests:Functional Programming, Programming Languages, Formal Methods