Fritz Henglein

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Name: Fritz Henglein

Country: Denmark

Affiliation: Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (DIKU) and Deon Digital

Personal website:

Research interests: Programming languages, functional programming, DSLs, high-performance computing, contracts, distributed ledger technology


VMCAI 2021 Conference Co-Chair in Organizing Committee within the VMCAI-track
POPL 2021 Local Arrangements Chair in Organizing Committee
ICFP 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee within the ICFP Program-track
FHPNC 2019 Committee Member in Program Committee within the FHPNC-track
Session Chair of Arrays (part of FHPNC)
PEPM 2019 Steering Committee Member in Steering Committee within the PEPM 2019-track
POPL 2019 General Chair of Welcome within the Research Papers-track
General Chair in Organizing Committee
Committee Member in Steering Committee
PEPM 2018 Session Chair of Session 2-1 (part of PEPM 2018)
Programme Co-Chair in Programme Committee within the PEPM 2018-track
ICFP 2018 Author of Relational Algebra by Way of Adjunctions within the Research Papers-track
IC 2017 Author of Automatic Incrementalization of Functional Reports within the IC 2017-track
POPL 2018 General Chair of POPL 2019 Preview within the Research Papers-track
PEPM 2017 Author of PEG Parsing in Less Space Using Progressive Tabling and Dynamic Analysis within the PEPM 2017-track
PLDI 2017 Author of Futhark: Purely Functional GPU-programming with Nested Parallelism and In-place Array Updates within the PLDI Research Papers-track
POPL 2016 Author of Kleenex: Compiling Nondeterministic Transducers to Deterministic Streaming Transducers within the Research Papers-track
DBPL 2015 Author of Relational Algebra by way of Adjunctions within the DBPL-track