Gabriël Konat

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Name: Gabriël Konat

Country: Netherlands

Affiliation: Delft University of Technology

Personal website:

Research interests: Programming Languages, Language Engineering, Language Workbenches


IC 2019 Author of From Whole Program Compilation to Incremental Compilation: A Critical Case within the IC 2019-track
Author of Precise, Efficient, and Expressive Incremental Build Scripts with PIE within the IC 2019-track
‹Programming› 2020 Author of Constructing Hybrid Incremental Compilers for Cross-Module Extensibility with an Internal Build System within the Research Papers-track
Author of Incremental Compilation for Stratego within the Posters-track
‹Programming› 2018 Author of PIE: A Domain-Specific Language for Interactive Software Development Pipelines within the Research Papers-track
LWC@SLE 2016 Author of Bootstrapping, Default Formatting, and Skeleton Editing in the Spoofax Language Workbench within the LWC-track
LIVE 2016 Author of Towards Live Language Development within the LIVE-track
GPCE 2016 Author of Bootstrapping Domain-Specific Meta-Languages in Language Workbenches within the GPCE-track
DSLDI Author of A Common Core for Language Tools within the DSLDI-track
Onward! 2014 Author of A Language Designer’s Workbench. A One-Stop-Shop for Implementation and Verification of Language Designs within the Onward! Papers-track
SLE 2013 Author of Language-Parametric Incremental Name and Type Analysis within the Research Papers-track
Author of The State of the Art in Language Workbenches within the Research Papers-track