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Name:Holger Hermanns

Holger Hermanns is a full professor in computer science at Saarland University in Germany, heading the Dependable Systems and Software group. From April 2004 to March 2006, Holger Hermanns has served as Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, and has served as its Dean from April 2010 to March 2012. Afterwards he did his best to serve as Dean of Hearts. Holger Hermanns is elected member of Academia Europaea. In 2016 he got awarded an ERC Advanced Grant.

Affiliation:Saarland University


ESEC/FSE 2020 Author of PRODeep: A Platform for Robustness Verification of Deep Neural Networks within the Tool Demos-track
VMCAI 2019 Author of Syntactic Partial Order Compression for Probabilistic Reachability within the VMCAI 2019-track
CREST 2019 Author of Towards a Science of Perspicuous Computing - Lessons learnt from the Analysis of Automotive Emissions Control Systems within the CREST-track
Committee Member in Invited Speakers within the CREST-track
TACAS 2019 Committee Member in Program Committee within the TACAS 2019-track
Committee Member in Steering Committee within the TACAS 2019-track
Session Chair of Symbolic Verification (part of TACAS 2019)
ETAPS 2019 Committee Member in Executive Board
Author of ETAPS Steering committee meeting within the Social-track
Panelist of Panel Discussion: Moore's Law, and More? (TACAS 25th anniversary) within the TOOLympics-track
VMCAI Author of Reward-Bounded Reachability Probability for Uncertain Weighted MDPs within the VMCAI-track