Javad Ebrahimian Amiri

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Name: Javad Ebrahimian Amiri

Bio: I’m currently a 3rd year PhD student at Australian National University, working on facilitating the implementation of programming languages for real-time systems. My previous research experience includes working on better interrupt management in real-time operating systems (e.g. RTEMS).

My research interests include design and implementation of real-time software (e.g. RTOS, compiler, VM, …). I’m also very interested in doing research on system-software development for many-core and heterogeneous architectures.

Country: Australia

Affiliation: Australian National University / Data61

Personal website:

Research interests: Real-Time Systems, Operating Systems, Language Runtime


VMIL 2019Author of Designing a Low-Level Virtual Machine for Implementing Real-Time Managed Languages within the VMIL 2019-track