Justus Sagemüller

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Name:Justus Sagemüller

Maths PhD student, geophysicist, Haskell hacker and musician.

Always in search of ways to bridge the gaps between these disciplines – in particular, bringing nice constructive, well-typed FP techniques to physics.

Affiliation:Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Research interests:Physics, Numerics of differential equations, Topology, Music theory


FHPNC 2019 Author of Lazy Evaluation in Infinite-Dimensional Function Spaces with Wavelet Basis within the FHPNC-track
FARM 2018 Author of (Ab)using a monadic screen-presentation EDSL as a just-intonation synth pad controller within the FARM 2018-track
NPFL 2018 Author of Manifolds as Haskell types within the NPFL 2018-track