Ke Li

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Name:Ke Li

Ke Li is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Exeter. He has been working at the intersection between evolutionary computation and traditional disciplinary including mathematical programming, game theory and statistics for more than ten years. His current research interests include the evolutionary multi-objective optimisation, automatic problem solving, machine learning and applications in software engineering and water infrastructure planning and management.

Country:United Kingdom
Affiliation:University of Exeter
Research interests:Evolutionary multi-objective optimisation, machine learning, search-based software engineering


ASE 2020 Author of BiLO-CPDP: Bi-Level Programming for Automated Model Discovery in Cross-Project Defect Prediction within the Research Papers-track
ISSTA 2020 Author of DeepSQLi: Deep Semantic Learning for Testing SQL Injection within the Technical Papers-track
ICSE 2020 Author of Understanding the Automated Parameter Optimization on Transfer Learning for Cross-Project Defect Prediction: An Empirical Study within the Technical Papers-track
ICSE 2019 Author of FEMOSAA: Feature-Guided and Knee-Driven Multi-Objective Optimization for Self-Adaptive Software within the Journal-First Papers-track