Luke Maurer

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Name:Luke Maurer

Ph.D. student at the University of Oregon Department of Computer & Information Science. Currently working on my dissertation on intermediate languages in optimizing compilers, particularly GHC and other functional languages. Contributed to GHC 8.2.1 by adding join points to its Core intermediate language. Other research interests include parametricity, proof assistants, and category theory.

Country:United States
Affiliation:University of Oregon, USA
Research interests:Compilers, Programming Languages, Proof Assistants


PLDI 2017 Author of Compiling without continuations within the PLDI Research Papers-track
ICFP 2016 Author of Sequent Calculus as a Compiler Intermediate Language within the Research Papers-track
HOPE 2016 Author of Administrative normal form, continued: Sharing control in direct style within the HOPE-track