Manohar Jonnalagedda

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Name: Manohar Jonnalagedda

Bio: Manohar is a Product Engineer at Inpher. He currently works on combining PL techniques with cryptography in order to scale privacy-preserving computations and bring it to the masses. Previously he worked on cominbing Pl techniques with ML at MSR India. He did his PhD in programming languages with Martin Odersky’s group at EPFL.

Affiliation: Inpher Inc., Switzerland

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PLDI 2019Author of Synthesis and Machine Learning for Heterogeneous Extraction within the PLDI Research Papers-track
Scala 2016Co-chair of Opening - Day 2 within the Scala-track
Co-chair of Opening - Day 1 within the Scala-track
Co-chair in Organizing Committee within the Scala-track
SPLASH 2014Author of Staged Parser Combinators for Efficient Data Processing within the OOPSLA-track
Presenter of Batteries Included: Generative Programming with Scala and LMS within the Tutorials-track