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Name:Marc Stiegler

Visiting Scholar and Research Scientist for HP Labs, developer of secure systems for DARPA. Developer of CapDesk, which applied ocaps to the man/machine interface to create a desktop effectively invulnerable to traditional computer viruses and zero-day attacks; Polaris, which applied the same principles to the Windows desktop; DonutLab, which demonstrated how to build an ocap version of PlanetLab, a distributed compute server system wherein each server resides in a different administrative domain with limited mutual trust; and Emily, an ocap version of OCaml.


OCAP 2018 Author of OCAP Patterns Panel within the OCAP 2018-track
Author of Lost Wisdom of the Ancients within the OCAP 2018-track
Keynote Speaker of Keynote: Stiegler (part of OCAP 2018)
OCAP 2017 Committee Member in Program Committee within the OCAP 2017-track