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Mathieu Acher is Professor at University of Rennes/IRISA/Inria, France. His research focuses on modelling, reverse engineering, and learning (deep) variability of software-intensive systems. Beyond its applicability, his research is original in combining software engineering and artificial intelligence techniques (symbolic reasoning, machine learning, generative AI). He is the author of more than 150 peer-reviewed publications in international journals and conferences. He was PC co-chair of SPLC 2017 and VaMoS 2020, and he served in the steering committees of SPLC and VaMoS. His work has received Most Influential Paper Award (SLE’19) and Best Paper Awards (SPLC’13, ICPE’19, SPLC’21, ICSR’22, MODELS’23). Since 2021, he is a junior research fellow at Institut Universitaire de France (IUF). More information:

Affiliation:University of Rennes, France / Inria, France / CNRS, France / IRISA, France
Research interests:software variability, configurable systems, software product lines, configurations, feature models, deep variability