Matthias Felleisen

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Name: Matthias Felleisen

Affiliation: PLT @ Northeastern University

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SPLASH 2019Author of Complete Monitors for Gradual Types within the OOPSLA-track
HOPL IVCommittee Member in Program Committee within the Papers-track
ICFP 2018Author of A Spectrum of Type Soundness and Performance within the Research Papers-track
ICFP 2017Author of Super 8 Languages for Making Movies (Functional Pearl) within the Research Papers-track
LWC@SLE 2016Author of Languages the Racket Way: Submission to the 2016 Language Workbench Challenge within the LWC-track
PLMW@PLDIKeynote Speaker in Organizing Committee within the PLMW@PLDI 2016-track
Speaker of Keynote: “Love, Marriage, and Happiness” within the PLMW@PLDI 2016-track
CurryOn 2016Speaker of The Racket Manifesto within the CurryOn -track
ICFP 2016Author of Oh Lord, Please Don't Let Contracts Be Misunderstood (Functional Pearl) within the Research Papers-track
ECOOP 2016Committee Member in Speakers within the Summer School-track
Speaker of 28 Years of Types for Untyped Languages: A Random Walk Thru TypeLand within the Summer School-track
Committee Member in Senior Mentors within the Summer School-track
SPLASH 2016Speaker of Real Researchers Allow Passion to Guide Them within the PLMW-track
POPL 2016Author of Is Sound Gradual Typing Dead? within the Research Papers-track
STOP 2015Speaker of Types for an Untyped World within the STOP-track
Author of Position Paper: Performance Evaluation for Gradual Typing within the STOP-track
ESOP 2015Committee Member in Steering Committee
ECOOP 2015Author of Towards Practical Gradual Typing within the Research Track-track
SPLASH 2013Committee Member in Committee within the SPLASH-E-track
Author of Option Contracts within the OOPSLA-track
SPLASH 2012Author of Gradual typing for first-class classes within the OOPSLA Research Papers-track
Author of Optimization coaching: optimizers learn to communicate with programmers within the OOPSLA Research Papers-track