Matthias Springer

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Name: Matthias Springer

Country: Germany

Affiliation: Tokyo Institute of Technology

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Research interests: Programming Languages


ECOOP 2019Author of DynaSOAr: A Parallel Memory Allocator for Object-oriented Programming on GPUs with Efficient Memory Access within the ECOOP Research Papers-track
ARRAY 2018Author of Inner Array Inlining for Structure of Arrays Layout within the ARRAY 2018-track
COP 2018Committee Member in Program Committee within the COP-track
WPMVP 2018Author of Ikra-Cpp: A C++/CUDA DSL for Object-Oriented Programming with Structure-of-Arrays Layout within the WPMVP 2018-track
SPLASH 2018Author of SoaAlloc: Dynamic Object Allocation in Structure of Arrays Data Layout on GPUs within the SRC-track
COP 2017Programme Committee in Program Committee within the COP-17-track
ICOOOLPS 2017Author of dart2java: Running Dart in Java-based Environments within the ICOOOLPS 2017-track
ARRAY 2017Author of Modular Array-based GPU Computing in a Dynamically-typed Language within the ARRAY 2017-track
ARRAYAuthor of Object Support in an Array-based GPGPU Extension for Ruby within the ARRAY-track
COP 2016Author of Classes as Layers: Rewriting Design Patterns with COP - Alternative Implementations of Decorator, Observer and Visitor within the COP-track
LASSY 2016Author of Hierarchical Layer-based Class Extensions in Squeak/Smalltalk within the LASSY 2016-track
CROW 2016Committee Member in Program Committee within the CROW 2016-track
ECOOP 2016Author of Classes as Layers: Rewriting Design Patterns with COP within the Posters-track
Modularity 2016 Author of Matriona: Class Nesting with Parameterization in Squeak/Smalltalk within the Modularity Visions-track
ICOOOLPS 2015Author of Short Paper: Call-target-specific Method Arguments within the ICOOOLPS-track
COP 2015Author of Efficient Layered Method Execution in ContextAmber within the COP-track