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Name:Meinte Boersma

Meinte Boersma has been doing model-driven software development and software language engineering for over a decade, and in numerous projects. He had a startup around his own language workbench (Más), and has been spreading his experience with and knowledge on the subject through blogs and conference talks. He is currently working at the Dutch Tax and Customs Agency, creating DSLs to bridge the gap between lawpeople and IT. He is also authoring a book about projectional DSLs that’s to be released in 2020 by Manning Publications.

Affiliation:Dutch Tax and Customs Agency
Research interests:Domain-Specific Languages, Language Engineering, Model-Driven Software Development


PX/19 Author of Projectional DSLs from the ground up within the PX/19-track
LWC@SLE 2016 Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the LWC-track
Session Chair of Session 1 (part of LWC)
Session Chair of Discussion (part of LWC)
SLE 2013 Author of The State of the Art in Language Workbenches within the Research Papers-track