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Miguel Goulão is an Assistant Professor of the Informatics Department of FCT/UNL and a researcher at the Software Systems group. He has a Ph.D. (2008) in Informatics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The broad aim of his research is to improve the software developer’s productivity and developer experience, in order to better deal with software development complexity. Miguel uses Evidence-Based, Empirical Software Engineering, and User Experience evaluation techniques to identify the strengths and shortcomings in languages, tools, and approaches. He uses these quantitative and qualitative assessments not only in the evaluation of Software Engineering claims but also as an objective input to help to devise improvements to fix the identified shortcomings. Miguel is particularly interested in improving the understandability of Requirements Engineering and Domain-Specific Languages (and of specifications built with those languages), to empower developers and other stakeholders to more effectively read and write software specifications. More recently, Miguel has also been working as a member of the COST Action on Multi-Paradigm Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Miguel has published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, conferences, and workshops, and served as guest editor of special issues in international journals, as PC member, and as PC and Organizing Chair in several events. He received the best paper award at the 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2014), and was a co-author of the paper receiving the János Szentes Award for the best paper on Software Metrics presented at the 6th European Conference on Software Quality (ECSQ 1999).

Research interests:Empirical Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Domain-Specific Languages, Developer Experience


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MODELS 2020 Author of Using empirical studies to mitigate symbol overload in iStar extensions within the Technical Track-track
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SLE 2017 Author of A Requirements Engineering Approach for Usability-Driven DSL Development within the SLE-track
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