Patricia Stolz

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Name:Patricia Stolz

Professor of Interaction Design at Bielefeld University of Appl. Sciences and Arts. Teaching Interaction Design and Experience Design. Currently in Research Semester: »AI in Design Education«

/// Research Interests: ° AI in design education ° Multimodal and embodied interaction in mixed reality environments. ° Conversational Interfaces: Personality design and trust in chat experiences. /// Researchgate:

/// Previously I worked as a digital designer for design agencies in Cologne and Berlin such as Scholz & Friends, designing and leading projects for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Boston Consulting Group, Fujitsu, Logitech, Allianz and Hamburg City. I have been lecturer for visual design and interface design at Kassel University and Chemnitz University and later Professor of Interface Design at Furtwangen University.

/// My background is design and architecture, which I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, in London and Hanover.

/// At Bielefeld University I lead a number of seminars and projects investigating new aspects of interaction design such as mixed reality, conversational interfaces and AI-generated visuals and interfaces. Some of the projects are collaborations with companies and institutions, designing and evaluating solutions for new forms of digital communication.

/// I enjoy working across the boundaries of disciplines implementing knowledge from different areas to gain new perspectives on current questions in our digital and analogue life.

/// Besides teaching Interaction Design and Experience Design, I also push forward improvement processes at our Faculty of Design as a Vice Dean.

Affiliation:Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Research interests:AI in Design Education, Conversational UI, Mixed Reality