Patrick Rein

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Name: Patrick Rein

Country: Germany

Affiliation: Hasso Plattner Institute

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Research interests: programming systems, live programming, personal information management, domain-driven design, programming experience


LIVE 2020PC Member in Programme Committee within the LIVE 2020-track
ENIAC20Author of Three Trillion Lines: Infrastructure for Mining GitHub in the Classroom within the ENIAC20-track
PX/20Author of Visual Design for a Tree-oriented Projectional Editor within the PX/20-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the PX/20-track
ECOOP 2020Organizer of SqueakLive within the Tutorials-track
Co-chair in Posters committee within the Posters-track
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Research Papers-track
Posters Co-Chair & Virtualization Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
SPLASH 2020Author of Example-based Live Programming for Everyone: Building Language-agnostic Tools for Live Programming With LSP and GraalVM within the Onward! Papers-track
MSR 2020Author of RTPTorrent: An Open-source Dataset for Evaluating Regression Test Prioritization within the Technical Papers-track
LIVE 2019Committee Member in Program Committee within the LIVE 2019-track
Author of An Exploratory Literature Study on Live-Tooling in the Game Industry within the LIVE 2019-track
META 2019Author of Ambiguous, Informal, and Unsound: Metaprogramming for Naturalness within the META 2019-track
‹Programming› 2020Secretary in Steering Committee
COP 2019Author of Implementing Babylonian/S by Putting Examples into Contexts: Tracing Instrumentation for Example-based Live Programming as a Use Case for Context-oriented Programming within the COP 2019-track
‹Programming› 2019Secretary in Steering Committee
Author of Babylonian-Style Programming: Design and Implementation of an Integration of Live Examples into General-purpose Source Code within the Research Papers-track
Author of Exploratory and Live, Programming and Coding: A Literature Study Comparing Perspectives on Liveness within the Research Papers-track
Author of Reading logic as code or as natural language text within the Student Research Competition-track
Author of Reading logic as code or as natural language text (short presentation) within the Student Research Competition-track
COP 2018Author of Cross-cutting Commentary: Narratives for Multi-party Mechanisms and Concerns within the COP-track
PX/18Author of The Exploration Workspace: Interleaving the Implementation and Usage of Plain Objects within the PX/18-track
PX/17.2Author of Designing a Live Development Experience for Web Components within the PX/17.2-track
Author of Living in your Programming Environment: Enabling Exploratory Programming for Productivity Tools within the PX/17.2-track
Author of Towards Concept-aware Programming Environments for Guiding Software Modularity within the PX/17.2-track
‹Programming› 2018Co-Host in Organizing Committee within the Demos-track
Author of A Soup of Objects: Convenience Interfaces for Accessing Domain Objects in a Global Object Graph within the Student Research Competition-track
PX 2017Author of Exploratory Development of Data-intensive Applications within the PX-track
‹Programming› 2017Author of Edit Transactions: Dynamically Scoped Change Sets for Controlled Updates in Live Programming within the Research Papers-track
COP 2016Author of Transaction Layers: Controlling Granularity of Change in Live Programming Environments using COP within the COP-track
PX 2016Author of How Live are Live Programming Systems? – Benchmarking the Response Times of Live Programming Environments. within the PX-track
LASSY 2016Author of Compatibility Layers for Interface Mediation at Run-time within the LASSY 2016-track
CROW 2016Author of Reactive Object Queries within the CROW 2016-track
Onward! 2016Author of Gramada: Immediacy in Programming Language Development within the Onward! Papers-track
SPLASH 2016Author of Deducing Classes: Integrating the Domain Models of Object-Oriented Applications within the Student Research Competition-track
Onward! 2015Author of Columnar Objects: Improving the Performance of Analytical Applications within the Onward! Papers-track