Peter Van Roy

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Name:Peter Van Roy
Affiliation:Université catholique de Louvain
Research interests:Programming Languages and Distributed Systems


Erlang 2021 PC Member in Program Committee within the Erlang 2021-track
Author of The Hera Framework for Fault-Tolerant Sensor Fusion with Erlang and GRiSP on an IoT Network within the Erlang 2021-track
LPOP 2020 Conference Chair in Program Committee within the LPOP 2020-track
Program Chair in Program Chair within the LPOP 2020-track
Session Chair of 14:25-- Logic and Language Expressiveness (part of LPOP 2020)
Session Chair of 12:00-- Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (part of LPOP 2020)
Chair of Opening and Introduction within the LPOP 2020-track
Erlang 2020 Author of Living on the Edge with Erlang within the Erlang 2020-track
ProWeb20 Author of Piecewise Relative Observational Purity within the ProWeb 2020-track
Erlang 2019 Author of Erlang as an enabling technology for resilient general-purpose applications on edge IoT networks within the Erlang 2019-track
HOPL IV Author of A history of the Oz multiparadigm language within the Papers-track
Off the Beaten Track 2018 Author of Towards A Systems Approach To Distributed Programming within the Off the Beaten Track 2018-track
PMLDC 2017 Committee Member in Program Committee within the PMLDC 2017-track
PMLDC 2016 Committee Member in Program Committee within the PMLDC-track
LaMOD'16 Committee Member in Program Committee within the Language Modularity-track