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Pietro Ferrara is a tenure-track assistant professor at University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. A career dedicated to studying and applying static analysis techniques both in industrial and academic contexts, Pietro’s previous experiences include posts at JuliaSoft SRL, IBM T.J. Watson Center in NY, Microsoft Research in Redmond and ETH in Zurich. He holds a PhD in Computer Science at Ecole Polytechnique of Paris with more than 50 scientific publications in the field of static analysis based on Abstract Interpretation.

Affiliation:Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia, Italy
Research interests:Programming Languages, Static Analysis, Abstract Interpretation


SAS 2022 Committee Member in Program Committee within the SAS-track
SOAP 2022 Author of Ensuring Determinism in Blockchain Software with GoLiSA: An Industrial Experience Report within the SOAP 2022-track
Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia, Italy in Program Committee within the SOAP 2022-track
PLDI 2022 Committee Member in Artifact Evaluation Committee within the Research Artifacts-track
VMCAI 2022 Author of Relational String Abstract Domains within the VMCAI 2022-track
SOAP 2021 Author of Static Analysis for Dummies: Experiencing LiSA within the SOAP 2021-track
VMCAI 2021 Author of Twinning automata and regular expressions for string static analysis within the VMCAI-track
NSAD 2020 Committee Member in Program Committee within the NSAD-track
VMCAI 2020 Author of BackFlow: Backward Context-sensitive Flow Reconstruction of Taint Analysis Results within the VMCAI 2020-track
InterAVT 2019 Author of Cross Programming Language Taint Analysis for the IoT Ecosystem within the InterAVT-track
SPIoT 2019 Author of Static Analysis for the OWASP IoT Top 10 2018. within the SPIoT-track
SOAP 2018 Committee Member in Program Committee within the SOAP-track
VMCAI 2017 Author of Using Abstract Interpretation to Correct Synchronization Faults within the VMCAI-track
FTfJP 2016 Committee Member in Program Committee within the FTfJP-track
SPLASH 2015 Demos Co-Chair in Organizing Committee
Author of ShamDroid: Gracefully Degrading Functionality in the Presence of Limited Resource Access within the OOPSLA-track
Demos Co-Chair in Organizing Committee within the Demos-track
MobileDeLi 2015 Author of Automatic Detection, Correction and Visualization of Security Vulnerabilities in Mobile Apps within the MobileDeLi-track